Memoirs of a noble Rogue (Kaleb Poppycock)

Art By: NariKins

Honourable Urchin

Art: John Paul Balmet? (contact me if you know who made it, so that I can give them credit)

I write this entry into a book about my life's work, a book that no one will get to read, save for the one that takes my place and shows interest in this unfitting headmaster.


I always had ambition, a hope to become someone on people's lips for generations to come, but never did I think that this was how things were going to be. Having started out as a nobody in the streets, I grew and fought for my way into the ranks under the Queen, however low, as long as I had an in. Tirelessly I studied people, both low and high in society, to better adjust to their wants and needs, so that I could utilize them into assisting my ambitions.

Eventually, it looked like I was starting to get somewhere, I got the title of Specialist, people were noticing me and remembering my name and actions. However, a chance encounter with the forgotten Slayers Guild, made all the progress I had made, into naught. I was given a vision and a purpose, to revive the Slayers and prepare to fight against Neofol and his army, as they had done in ages past. A grand purpose and for the betterment of the people in the entire world, how could I say no.

I gained compatriots along the way, others with visions and purpose, a long and ardeous journey was ahead of us, but we took heart and fought ever onwards, even when the undead started appearing, a foe that had been a myth for decades.

Through our journey, we gained many allies, friends and foes, as high up in the clouds with the angels and The Highfather, but also in the low nooks of society as we gave promise of a decent life, if only you would join our fight and live under our tenets.


It wasn't always easy to forgo my ambition, my wish to be a pillar of comfort in society, one to do right by those who were wronged and lift the lowest parts of society for the betterment of all. Even if the Slayers Guild had a glorious goal, there was no guarantee that I would see it in my lifetime and I grew restless. Nonetheless, with the help of our council, proper judgment and generous amounts of luck, we were able to satisfy most of my hopes, and I can only hope that the future headmasters follow my lead with this.

My first vision, still haunts me to this day, the old Slayer King, alone on his throne, his greed and egotistical nature made him lose everything, it has kept me on track for all these years, and I hope they can be a warning to whoever reads this. Greed and blind ambition will destroy you and everything around you, do not give in to the temptations and stay strong, believe in the council and fight corruption, always.


I leave this foreword with the mention of the people who joined me and ressurected the Slayers with me, these whom I couldn't have done this without, and the world would've been lost without. The Council who ressurected the Slayers Guild.


Viron, our peculiar and oppinionated Half-Elf Sorcerer.

Cordelia, our ever dedicated Human Cleric of The Highfather.

Gubtum, our steadfast Goblin Champion Liberator.

Kaleb, an urchin Halfling Rogue.


- Kaleb Poppycock -

First Headmaster of the ressurected Slayers Guild