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From the land of Denmark

Born and raised on the fair island of Lolland.

He grew up surrounded by fields, forests and the general love for nature and what it brings. Having lived only a stone throw away from the largest safari park in Nothern Europe, Knuthenborg Safari Park, he ironically never really visited it until he was old enough to drive a car.

He has had many interests over the years, both in his personal life, but also in his professional life. From drawing, writing, teaching, carpentry, making food, taking care of kids and/or people with special needs and circumstances, to computer hardware and software. Until he eventually landed on coding and development, which is currently what he does for a living and enjoys delving into.

In his spare time, he mostly enjoys hanging out with his friends, playing TTRPGs and/or video games. And other times, he prefers staying at home, petting his cats and reading.

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