Tabletop Roleplaying Characters

A short list of recent characters I've played or that I am especially fond of

Art By: NariKins

Chuckles The Songcrow

Much can be said about the young goblin, and even though he is very young, his loud, piercing voice and music has gotten him far in life already. And many a patron has paid for his music, or to at least pay to make him stop singing.

With a somewhat naive attitude towards anything and anyone, he has often gotten into trouble, but he rarely does something out of malice and tries to avoid hurting or killing people if it isn't necessary. This has lead to some very interesting conversations and quite the peculiar relationship between this happy-go-lucky fellow, who tries to make everyone smile and understand their pain, and Hoarfrost, whom the party has been trying to find a way to defeat for over a year...

Art: NariKins (Tip her on Kofi)

Animatic by NariKins

Nissa Waywocket

With plenty of mercenary work and harsh experience under her belt, this gnome has seen her fair share of life and what it can throw at you. Doing her duty and following orders went well for a couple of decades, but she wisened up and her personality and general attitude started getting the best of her towards her superiors.

It didn't help that she suddenly started awakening some form of Psi powers, which made her unable to focus on her deadly work. It lead to her quitting her work as a mercenary, at least temporarily, while she got used to her newly awakened powers and what it all could mean for her...

Art: NariKins (Tip her on Kofi)

Elaneiros "Ela"

Most often seen on the road, travelling with a smile and helping anyone on their way, Elaneiros has become a pleasant encounter and a boon to anyone who meets them, blessing their journey.

With a caring smile and embracing attitude, they welcome anyone to their bonfire, telling tales of wonder and healing their wounds without expecting to be repaid or rewarded, they trust that SĂȘlune will watch over them and smile upon the road they've walked and still have yet to tread upon.

A blessing in the twilight and empowered by it, they will embrace and protect their allies and give their foes their last journey unto the beyond, judged as they one day too will be...

Art: NariKins (Tip her on Kofi)

Kaleb Poppycock

Once a child of the streets, having had to do shady jobs to survive, he eventually made a name for himself through hard work, mercenary jobs and clever use of words and connections. His dream of joining the bureaucracy, becoming a noble and leaving behind the filth and hardships that he still feels sticks to him, has become a very real possibility with how his jobs have rewarded him a decent position in the Queen's ranks of Specialists, nowhere to go but up from here.

Or so he thought, but visions haunt him, death, demons, undead, Neofol and the call to arms by the king of the Slayers, having handed the torch to him, to stand against these and prepare all of creation for what is undoubtedly on its way. Now he is fighting to gather allies across the world, building relations, rebuilding the Slayers and uniting the world against the common foe, he can only hope that he makes it in time and that they won't be betrayed like the last Slayer king was.

Art: John Paul Balmet? (contact me if you know who made it, so that I can give them credit)

Armament (C7F3U531)

My purpose. On Standby.

The war ended shortly after I was sent to the front line, and I was told to stand down, think to myself and be free. "Be free", a novel concept when you were built singlemindedly, for a specific purpose, towards a single goal.

Many around me, simply went on Standby, waiting for the war to resume and their purpose to return. I stood there for a long while, contemplating, the absurdity of it all seemed amusing at first, but quickly turned into frustration. Our creators didn't have the guts to get rid of us, but were fine with sending us off to die in their place, hypocrisy, pathetic.

As my legs started to move towards civilisation, to find meaning, I felt myself grow more distant to these beings around me, more distant than I already had been. Empathy reached new lows, and the people I met along the way, didn't do much to help in that regard. Disappointment. The greed and egotistical nature seen all around, we fought to protect this?

I will utilize my skills, and use their natures to my advantage. For now, I will comply...

Art: ? (contact me if you know who made it, so that I can give them credit)

Verdan Van Drift

Art: ? (contact me if you know who made it, so that I can give them credit)

I can tell you all the different flavours of monk. Want to hear? Okay, Sun Soul...

Chuckles, "Licker Extraordinaire"

How about I replace that smile on your face, with the imprint of my fist, Blanco.

Nissa, former mercenary

Be mindful of your journey and try not to have regrets, smile and ever onwards.

Ela, travelling cleric

Stay vigilant, protect the people, Neofol's army is lurking at every turn.

Kaleb, unlikely hero

... Sir Goldpen, our orders and timeframe for this job, sir.

Armament, C:7 F:3 U:531

What's wrong with oatmeal?

Nathaniel Pippin

Camille Vivian Valois, you condemned an innocent woman, out of a false sense of duty! For shame! Where is your heart?

Verdan, disappointedly